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SRS Crown Championship – It’s just around the corner

We are really excited to be coming back to Huntsville, Alabama for the 2013 SRS Crown Championship, Presented by the Huntsville Sports Commission.  Many have qualified for the Retriever trials and new this year we  will have teams competing in the SRSU,   the collegiate series.  Follow Clemson, Alabama, Arkansas and LSU  as they compete in 2 man/dog teams  and  build the college spirit in the outdoors.

At the SRS Super Dock we believe the dock will be rockin’  harder than ever this year in Super Fly, Super V and New this year Super Fast!!

Our Production crew has had several meeting and we are looking to do some new and different things this year during the Crown. Live webcasting from the Trials on Thursday and Friday and on to the dock for Semi and Final rounds.   If you have a computer, pad or phone…you need to get it all ready and  be sure to keep it close as were are going to update you on all sorts of competition and news blips  during the week of SRS Crown Championship.

Things to do to prepare:

Make sure you “Like us” on Facebook and follow us @OfficialSRS on Twitter.

We have also created Instagram under Super Retriever Series and a You Tube Channel on Dancin Dog Productions, LLC.   Older SRS shows are loading up  on You Tube so if you want to see some Blast from the Pasts or “Old Schools SRS”,  as some call it, then tune in here.

Something new we are trying out for behind the scenes is TOUT. Sign up at and see some of your favorite competitors as they get ready to go to the line or jump off the dock at the Super Dock Venue.

SRS has had many sponsors jump on board with some great  gifts for our winning competitors please check them out and  give a big shout out to them under our Partners page.