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Upcoming Events – Club Events

Registration is open on  There is a cut off day a week prior to event.  Make sure you check this date and get registered on time.   Hunt Secretary is going through a complete web update and will go into effect June 1, 2014.  Currently there is some information not applicable to the SRS within Hunt Secretary and this is being changed in the new version so please remain patient.

Make sure you have read the rules.  Rules have taken a step back and more like the rules set in 2000-2006.  You can also go and watch some older shows on the Dancin Dog Productions You Tube Page.  We are currently transferring older shows and uploading these for your convenience and viewing pleasure.

There have been a couple additions to the New 2014 rules, please note:

1. Series 1 and Series 2 are a combined scored event.  Scores will be accumulated for these first 2 series.  The top 12 Pros teams and the top 12 Amateur teams of the 2 Series event with the lowest scores will advance to the Semi Final/Finals event. A tie at the 12th position will advance based on previous score. If it continues to be tied, both in that position will go.  If you have more than 1 team that qualifies for the Semi Final event you may only take your top 2 teams based on the lowest score to the Semi Final Event or Series 3. If either of these dogs are already qualified then you may pick your next dog to go to Semi- Finals Event.  

2. Professional handlers will have a cut off deadline listed on the entry registration. Under no circumstance will SRS allow a late entry.  If a dog comes in season you may switch out a dog with a vets slip presented on site for the in seasoned female or if there is an injury.   The Vet slip must have a veterinarian address and phone number listed and must be signed by the Vet.  If you have registered a dog that qualified for the Crown in a prior event, you may put in a replacement for this dog.

3. All dogs must have either a HRCH, FC, AFC, QAA or MH title. If you feel that your dog is still at a competitive level please contact a committee member.

If you have any question please send email