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The Super Retriever Series and The United Kennel Club partner on the Dock

For Immediate Release

Super Retriever Series Partners with

The United Kennel Club

Earning titles on the dock

 July 14, 2014, Little Rock, AR. – The Super Retriever Series is proud to announce our new partnership with the United Kennel Club, (UKC) for title recognition within the performance sport of Dock Jumping in all SRS Super Dock Events. The United Kennel Club was established in 1898 and is the largest all-breed performance-dog registry in the world, registering dogs from all 50 states and 25 foreign countries. More than 60 percent of its nearly 16,000 annually licensed events are tests of hunting ability, training and instinct. UKC prides itself on its family-oriented, friendly, educational events. The UKC has supported the “Total Dog” philosophy through its events and programs for over a century. UKC events are designed for dogs that look and perform equally well.

UKC – Our mission is to be the world’s best registry of purebred dogs, to offer our customers the most efficient and creative services possible, to use our data to help our customers breed the best dogs in the world and to create a wide spectrum of performance and conformation events in which those dogs can prove their instincts and heritage.

Shannon Nardi, Producer of Super Retriever Series, has the same philosophy in the world of the sporting and performance dogs.  “We are excited about this opportunity to offer UKC titles to the competitors on the Super dock.  SRS has always given a SRS title to the winner of each division.  To add the UKC title gives the competitor and their canine teammate opportunity to gain extra goals in this performance sport.   All Dock Jumping folks just plain like to have fun with their dogs.  To watch their progression on the dock and gain more confidence with each jump is fun to watch and ultimately they have more fun with each event. They travel far and wide, almost as if their canine played on a little league travel team, and not only to see their dogs excel on the dock, but just to be with other competitors and friends in this sport. This new title challenge will be great for this sport, and for both SRS and UKC.”

All breeds are always welcome and there are different divisions that provide something for everyone. Amateurs are always encouraged to come and join in on the fun.

UKC Titles will be obtained for distance jumping and vertical jumping during a regular sanctioned jump at the Super Retriever Series event. Your dog must be registered with the United Kennel Club to earn UKC titles.  You can apply for an UKC registration number prior to attending the Super Retriever Series or apply for a Temporary Listing number either by calling the office or applying online. SRS scores will be reported to UKC within 10 days of the event and then processed through the UKC.

The Super Retriever Series is a combined event of Retriever Trials and SRS Super Dock.  There are several events each year and it continues to grow.  For more about the Super Retriever Series and the Rules of SRS please visit

United Kennel Club –  Phone: 269-343-9020

Office hours: 9:00 to 4:30 p.m. (E.S.T.) Monday through Friday.

For more information on UKC Rules – UKC Dock Jumping Rule Book 

For more information on UKC Registrations


For more information on UKC Temporary Listings

For more on the Super Retriever Series check out our Facebook page

Events sanctioned by the UKC will go in effect July 18, 2014.