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Meet Bob Gabriel And Charlie

Meet Bob Gabriel and Charlie


HRCH Rebel’s Good Time Charlie MH

  Call Name “Charlie”


Meet Charlie, an eight-year-old, yellow, male lab owned and handled by Bob Gabriel of Houston, TX. Bob, a CPA by day, is an avid duck hunter and had always wanted a dog. He got Charlie as a puppy with the intention of using him as a gun dog. Charlie went from not knowing what a blind was to running hunt tests in no time, competing in his first hunt test with professional handlers at the age of two. He ran his first SRS event last June and his first Crown Championship last November. Charlie runs hunt tests year round when he isn’t home with Bob, his wife Lindsey and their three children, Madeline, Preston and Molly.

The 5 Big Questions:

Where does your dog sleep? – “Charlie sleeps in his kennel. The only exception was when we were travelling and I had difficulty finding somewhere. He got to sleep in the bed with me”.

What are your strengths as a handler? –Charlie was my first dog. I did not know anything and I got hooked. This is a hobby and I am so fortunate to have been able to learn from some great professionals like Brian Grantom and Lyle Steinman. I think they would both say that I was the bigger project compared to Charlie! I would also say that the support of my family is a major strength. My wife loves it and is very understanding. I couldn’t do it without them!”

What are you weaknesses as a handler? – “Experience. Charlie is a better marker than I am so if he does not see all the birds down, it can mean trouble”.

If you had to describe Charlie in one word what would it be and why? – Tough. Charlie should not be alive. When he was in transit from Oregon, where I got him, he contracted Parvo. He spent ten days in the hospital, had multiple blood transfusions, the works. He is tough”.

If Charlie could describe you in one word what would it be? – “Fair. I expect a lot but we have fun. We work well as a team and that is in part due to spending so much time together”.


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