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Ron Anderson And Boomer

Ron Anderson and Boomer


SRSA HRCH Seaside’s Boomerang MNR QAA MH

Call Name “Boomer”

Meet Boomer, a nine-year-old black lab owned by Ron Anderson of Ethel, LA. Boomer is a great family dog who loves to train when he isn’t at home with Ron, his wife Christy, their three children, Anna Kate (15), Alli Grace (10), Andie Lynn (3) and Bella their other lab who also competes in SRS.


Ron initially got into hunt tests while in college in the mid 90’s at LSU. He got his first dog, Maddie, and was hooked! Life eventually took over, as it does, with increased work and family responsibilities and Ron took a break from the retrieving world. Roll on mid to late 2000’s when Ron was presented with the opportunity to purchase a dog-named Boomer. Boomer came from field trial background and provided the perfect opportunity for Ron get back in the dog world. He hasn’t looked back a day since. When Ron is competing you will always see him in his lucky LSU hat and t-shirts.


The 5 Big Questions:


Where does your dog sleep? – “Kennel, except sometimes, when Christy is away, he sleeps inside”.


What are your strengths as a handler? – “My Ability to stay calm and anticipate what is going to happen beforehand. That comes with experience. I like to analyze the test to work out all possible outcomes. I would also add that the support of my amazing wife Christy and our family is instrumental in my success. She is my biggest champion. I have missed more than one anniversary due to participating in the Crown Championship and she is very understanding. She and our girls always cheer us on! My family is definitely my biggest strength”.


What are you weaknesses as a handler? – “Overthinking in new test situations. Due to the demands of every day life, I am not able to run as many tests and trials as I would like”.



If you had to describe Boomer in one word what would it be and why? – “Intense… Boomer LOVES what he is doing regardless of what it is. He can be retrieving at 20 yards or 300 yards and he does it with all the gusto you can imagine and more”.


If Boomer could describe you in one word what would it be? – “Caring. He almost died after the 2014 Crown. A few days after we returned home, he stopped eating. I took him to my vet who referred us to LSU. After many tests, we found out he had contracted a bacteria that caused a serious abdominal infection. He underwent emergency surgery followed by eight weeks of antibiotics. The odds were not in his favor but he survived and is better than ever!”

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