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Rody Best And Ike

Rody Best and Ike

SRS I Like Ike MH QA2

Call Name “Ike”

Ike is a five-year-old black, male lab owned by Ernie D’Antoni and handled by professional dog trainer, Rody Best, of Best Retrievers in Paige, TX. Ike has qualified All Age, won an Arkansas SRS and recently passed the Master National in South Carolina. When asked about Ike’s strengths and weaknesses, Rody had this to say: “He is a field trial dog that has been converted for SRS and the hunt test game. He is a great marker and runs extremely straight. He has a unique personality; all business but surprisingly has an off switch in the house. He is as black and white as they come.”


As a kid, Rody had a lab named Bear. “He’d bring us sticks and rocks. We would throw them and he would bring them back again. Bear always wanted to fetch.” At the time, Rody did not realize the potential ability a dog could have for training and performance. It was only later while working on his degree in Wildlife at Texas A&M that this realization occurred. “I went hunting with a buddy who had a trained dog and I was instantly hooked.” After earning a bachelors and masters degree and struggling to find work, he saw a position at Triple Crown Dog Academy in Hutto, TX. He talked with his wife Paige, whom he had three young children (Dakota 18, Dylan 16, Drake 13) with at the time, and they made the decision to take a leap faith.


They have never looked back.


The 5 Big Questions:

Where does your dog sleep? – “When in training he sleeps in the kennel. When we are at home, he sleeps in the owner’s house.

What are your strengths as a handler? – “I have experience on my side. This is my fourth Crown. I also have a good relationship with my dogs. I know them and they know me.”

What are you weaknesses as a handler? – “My height! Seriously. At one point during an SRS event in Nevada, I had to stand on a dog stand in order to see my dog! The tall guys definitely have that advantage.”

If you had to describe Ike in one word what would it be and why? – “Business. Ike is all business, 24/7. Until bedtime, then he is off and out!”

If Ike could describe you in one word what would it be? – “Fun provider. I provide an outlet for all of his energy and fun.”


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