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Thad Simmons And Storm

Thad Simmons and Storm

GRHRCHUH Biggg Thunder Storm MNH

“Call Name “Storm”

Storm is a six-year-old black, male lab owned by Andy and Glenda Hinson, and handled by Thad Simmons of Twin Rivers Kennels in Thomaston, AL. Thad describes Storm as a “strong marker who can be self employed at times. A real to joy to watch run.”
Thad, whom, growing up always had a dog and was an avid duck hunter, became a member of the North Louisiana HRC and soon after started running hunt tests in 1998. It was around 2002 with the support of his wife Robin, that he started training dogs professionally. When not training or running hunt tests, you can find Thad spending time with Robin and their two sons Bradley (21), Trace (21) and their daughter, Elliot (11).
The 5 Big Questions:
Where does your dog sleep? “On the couch.”
What are your strengths as a handler? (Laughing) “Patience and not listening to Lyle (Steinman)! I have a good ability to read dogs and anticipate their next move.”
What are you weaknesses as a handler? “(Laughing) Believing what Lyle says! You know, running SRS, it is hard to make a call on when to handle and when not to handle on the mark. That is definitely a weakness.”
If you had to describe Storm in one word what would it be and why? “Intense. He will do anything to retrieve. He lives for it.”
If Storm could describe you in one word what would it be? “Buddy. When he is at home, he can laze around. When he is with me, he has lots of fun. He gets to do a lot of what he loves. We’re buddies.”

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