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SRS Crown Championship Production Assistant is Trainer in Training



SRS Crown Championship Production Assistant is Trainer in Training


A couple of years ago Kristen Ingram had a year of college under her belt but found herself seeking a new challenge. Needing a job, she found one outside the usual places. She lives in Wyandotte, Oklahoma, home to Derek Randle’s outstanding facility The Retriever Academy, and started out working there helping out where needed. Soon however she became more interested in what was happening with the dogs and their training. So she was given the opportunity to obedience train some dogs after being shown how to do it. And Kristen loved it. “I really like the fact that every dog and every day is different,” she explained. “Each animal has its own personality, just like a person, and you have to know how to approach the training to get the best results.”

These days Kristen still works on obedience but she in more involved with the field work with retrievers. She runs all the standard handling drills, wagon wheels, pile work, T’s, the foundations of teaching a dog to tackle cold blinds and it’s all been fun. But even early on into the training profession she knows there is a fine line you must walk with dogs. “It’s a love/ hate relationship in a lot of ways. You must remain detached in order to put pressure on the dog when they need it. It’s still more love than hate though,” she said with a smile.

Her experience working behind the scenes with the Super Retriever Series Crown Championship will only help Kristen be a better trainer in the future. And that future looks bright for a young lady with a gift for teaching and fulfilling a dog’s potential.


by John Gordon

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