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SRS Crown Championship Up and Running

SRS Crown Championship Up and Running


The Super Retriever Series opened this morning on a beautiful fall day in a breathtaking valley outside of Huntsville, Alabama. Avery and Greenhead Gear sponsored the first test, a difficult field trial land set up. Dogs were required to retrieve multiple long range marks while ignoring a poison bird on an uphill blind. Then that bird became a mark in the triple picked up on a similar line as the blind. As always, some teams handled the challenge better than others and solid runs were made by many competitors.

Here are the top ten teams after the first series.

Lyle Steinman and General-4

Bobby Wills and Cruise-12

Adam Campbell and Nikki-22

Lee Howard and Diesel-25

Bobby Harp and Drake-26

Clark Kennington and Man-27

Mike Gibson and Jeter-32

Bobby Will and Huck-33

Leo Joseph III and Hope-36

Colby Williams and River-37


written by John Gordon


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