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SRS Crown Championship Series Three: A Difficult Water Test


SRS Crown Championship Series Three: A Difficult Water Test

As the competition heated up, the judges ramped up the difficulty for the third series. Another hunting scenario, dogs were tested on marking, handling, and line manners. Five marks at varying distances in shallow water with the last having three small Avery EZ-Bird teal thrown directly in front of the dog at distances of less than 30 feet was the meat of the series. Mix in duck calls blaring, shoguns blasting, and water splashing with two blinds mixed in through the marks and only to sharpest dogs saved valuable points. This test marked the cut line for the final twelve dogs left in championship contention.

The Top Twelve after Series 3:

Lyle Steinman and General-28

Stephen Durrance and Dude-50

Tommy Harp and Drake-64

Mike Gibson and Jeter-72

Lee Howard and Diesel-74

Bobby Wills and Cruise-75

Clark Kennington and Trigger-76

Randy Price and Josie-82

Colby Williams and River-83

Stephen Durrance and Mason-102

Adam Campbell and Nikki-103

Ron Anderson and Bella-106

by John Gordon Avery Outdoors

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