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SRS Crown Judges Join in Goal of Finding a Champion



SRS Crown Judges Join in Goal of Finding a Champion

Dogs that compete in SRS competitions are special. They are highly trained animals with long lists of accomplishments between them. So, it takes a qualified individual with a varied background in retrievers to judge such a dog fairly and crown a champion. This year’s judges are certainly that and more.

Dana Giovannello is a Cabot, Arkansas, resident who started his life with dogs hunting upland game and ducks in New Hampshire. That was 40 years ago and since then he has trained and competed with retrievers to numerous titles. He has been a licensed UKC judge since 1992 and judged the ESPN Great Outdoor Games retriever events in 2004. His judging career includes numerous Super Retriever Series qualifying events, SRS club events and the SRS 4×4 Medley. He recently judged the SRS event this summer at Pepper’s Pond in Mayflower, Arkansas.

Lorne Langevin comes to the event from Orangeville, Ontario, and has the distinction of being the only SRS judge ever from Canada. He began field trialing dogs in 1982 as an amateur trainer until 1989 when he retired from his job and became a professional. He claimed the 2009 Canadian National Championship and has finished many field champions. His focus today is helping other trainers develop new training methods and strategies for dog handling. Lorne spends 6 months in Canada and 6 months here in the US competing and training client dogs while enjoying cool summers and warm winters.

Tyler Patterson began his training journey at the tender age of 8 helping his grandfather work fox hounds in Pontotoc, Mississippi. Tyler’s father is a beagle man and continues to own run them in trials. When he was 13, his first retriever named Nettles graced his life and changed it forever. By the time he could drive he was traveling to hunt tests and lead Nettles to her UKC Hunter Retriever Champion title. He then was inspired to start his own kennel, Maple Ridge Retrievers. Tyler was called to service and completed four years in the US Marine Corps, including two tours in Iraq. Upon the end of his military career, he partnered with Jimmy McMahan to train performance retrievers once again. Tyler is currently the president of the West TN Hunting Retriever Club and resides with his wife Hailey in Brighton, TN.

The Super Retriever Series could not exist without the time and effort of the judges. Big thanks are extended by the SRS staff and competitors alike to these three fine gentlemen.


by John Gordon Avery Outdoors

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