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SRS Crown Series Two: Challenging Land Quad

SRS Crown Series Two: Challenging Land Quad

 This quad mark land series was set in master hunter style. The first two birds were close together with one landing on a ditch bank and the other in a depression to the left of it. Mark three was designed to test memory of the initial marks as it crossed a tree lined hill in the opposite direction approximately 150 yards from the line. Finally, a short breaking test and wipeout bird at very close range in front of the dog finished the series. Pinpoint marking and focused memory was needed to nail this challenge and several dogs were up for it.

The Top Ten after series two:

Lyle Steinman and General-6

Bobby Wills and Cruise-24

Colby Williams and River-39

Stephen Durrance and Dude-40

Leo Joseph and Hope-40

Lee Howard and Diesel-43

Clark Kennington and Trigger-53

Adam Campbell and Nikki-53

Randy Price and Josie-54

Tommy Harp and Drake-54


by John Gordon Avery Outdoors

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