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SRS Crown Championship Final Series Will Determine Champion


SRS Crown Championship Final Series Will Determine Champion


As the morning sun climbed in the Huntsville sky, competitors finished a tough third series to trim the field to twelve contestants. At this point in the game a lot of skill and a little luck have played a role in placing dog and handler in position to make a run at the championship. As the sun set, the dust cleared and four worthy dogs remain in contention. Handlers approached the line hoping that all the hard work would pay off in a spectacular fourth series run. It was not to be for some, but any dog and handler team in the final twelve can hold their heads high. Clark Kennington and Trigger turned in a great performance with a very solid twenty points. Tommy Harp and Drake were also up to the challenge with a twenty-eight. Stephen Durrence and Dude took the lead after a very credible twenty-eight-point total. Very surprising was the performance of Lyle Steinman and General, a very sound team, accumulating seventy-two points to claim the final spot in tomorrow’s championship series. But that’s why you run every series as anything can happen. It’s a race to the finish tomorrow with the title up for grabs for any of the final four. It will be exciting for sure, be sure to watch it all unfold on

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