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SRS Offers Unique Event for Huntsville Sports Commission


Ralph Stone and Gina Kirkland of the Huntsville Sports Commission

SRS Offers Unique Event for Huntsville Sports Commission


The Huntsville Sports Commission was formed in 1999 with the mission of bringing sporting events and thus revenue to the city of Huntsville, Alabama. Known for its aerospace industry, Huntsville lies in northwestern Alabama surrounded by wooded hills and scenic beauty. Ralf Stone, who is Executive Director of the Commission, is a native resident with a passion for his city. “The job of the Commission is to recruit sporting teams and organizations like the SRS to stage events in the greater Huntsville area. We have 35 to 40 major events each year, boosting the local community, especially the hotel and restaurant industry,” Ralph explained. “Since the inception on the Sports Commission over 300 events have been held in the area contributing over 100 million dollars to the local economy.”

Super Retriever Series competitions have been a mainstay for the Commission for several years. This began with club hosted events and eventually lead to Huntsville being the home of the Crown Championship. “SRS events have always been unique in our sports mix as we attract mainly team sports,” Ralph said. “But we love having the retriever community in Huntsville and we will continue to support the SRS and the Crown in the future. We are proud of our community and proud to be a part of the SRS,” he concluded.

On behalf of everyone involved with the Super Retriever Series, we wish the Commission and the City of Huntsville heartfelt thanks.

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