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The SRS Team of the Year Race

The Super Retriever Series brings back Team of the Year. This time Team of the Year “TOY” will be noticed for both the Pro and the Amateur divisions. Rules for Team of the Year are as follows.
Our goal is to reward the dog/handler team who is consistently in the mix and is what a Team of the Year represents. In the past we took the total number of teams and assigned a score based on that position of the team on the completion of that weekend series. We have altered the rules based on the position the team is in after the completion of the first and second series, after the third and after the fourth and final series. If the past if a handler/retriever team finish in first after each series they will receive points, based on entry.
Example – SRS EVENT #1 -50 entries First place would receive 50 points and last place would receive 1 point. This does not leave room for the team that finishes in 13th place and did not make the semi final cut and in some cases a team in 15th place and below may make the Semi finals based on the 2 dog advancement rule. The new point system will apply points after 1 and 2nd series combined, after the semi finals and after the finals. So in a 50 dog event. You would have the ability to receive 150 if placing 1st in the first and second series combined, first in 3rd series and first in final series. A 50 dog entry at a single event should be weighted more than a 20 dog entry. In a 50 dog entry a maximum of 150 is possible in a 20 dog entry a maximum of 60 points is possible.
SRS Team of the Year Program Rules
The Team of Year “TOY” race is open to all retriever/handler teams that opt to compete in Super Retriever Series Classic or Club events. There will be a SRS TOY Amateur and a SRS TOY Pro title. Rules apply for both Pro and Amateur TOY races.
A team will be defined as a handler and a specific retriever. Handlers may enter with more than one retriever, but each additional retriever a handler enters will designate a separate team entry.
The first place team (Pro and AM) that accumulates the highest in points will receive a prize (to be determined) and an additional bonus if TOY is picked up by a Sponsor and the Sponsor has requirements such as wearing a Sponsored Series patch or hat during competition days of all events.
The second place team (Pro and AM) that accumulates the 2nd highest in points will receive a prize (to be determined) and an additional bonus based on Sponsor rules.
The third place team (Pro and AM) accumulates the 3rd highest points will receive a prize (to be determined) and an additional bonus based on Sponsor rules.
The placements are 1st -3rd Pro and Amateur in 2017.
Points for the race will be determined by number of entries at each event.
Points will be assessed at end of the second series with the combined score of first and second series. Points will again be assessed after the third series and again after the final or 4th series. In the event that a club event only has 3 Series, the first points will be awarded to series 1 and semi final points will be considered series 2 making points from series 3 the finals.
The Super Retriever Series qualifiers the team with the most cumulative points will be deemed the winner at end of the season.
A tie at the end of the qualifying events will result in a one series run-off at the Crown Championship. The team that comes in second will be considered the second place team.
There are no minimum or maximun number of events that must be run.
Team of the Year awards will be paid out during the final event of the season, which is the Crown Championship.
Points will be awarded by Super Retriever Series personnel and the running total will be kept on and Facebook Notes.
All winners must sign a general release of likeness supplied by Dancin Dog Productions, LLC for use in promotional materials for the Super Retriever Series before any winnings will be dispersed.
TOY Race  - PRO

TOY Race – PRO

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 9.55.26 AM

TOY Race – Amateur


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