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Coming June 2020

If you didn’t experience the SRSU last year at Peppers Pond then you missed out. Some of the best comradery in the dog game. Tailgaters, team t-shirts, flags the whole college experience and even better there were DOGS. The small group of teams showed up not with just themselves and their coach, but entire families to cheer them on. I told them then to enjoy this because it would never be like this again… it is going to explode and that we are sure of.

We are forming a Collegiate Committee to help better the rules and open this game up to more individuals in the high School and College level for 2020. Please be checking in with the SRS in the next few months because SRSU 2020 is going to be even bigger and better. Teams will be individually scored this year but we will do a team award. Much like the Olympics in Swimming and Gymnastics.


Class of 2019

Super Retriever Series Collegiate Event

SRSU Rules for 2020

1. Entry Fee – $100.00 per dog/handler

2. Must be an amateur and either enrolled in high school or college.

(Proof of enrollment within the calendar year of August 1, 2019 – August 1, 2020)

3. Must be your dog or family dog – Owner/ handler owned.

4. Individual Team – 1 hander 1 dog

You will earn a score each series and combined for 3 series for placements in 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.

5. Teams – you can have up to 4 Individual teams on a Team. You will be averaged in for a team score.

Example – Olympic swimming, gymnastics. You will have an average team score with 1st – 3rd placements as well as individual scores.

6. No more than 2 coaches. (We will help you with a coach if you need one.)

7. Dog should have an at least UKC/HRC – HR level or above or AKC – SH level or above.

8. SRS general Rules and Point system.

9. Individual team are eligible for UKC and Qualifier points.

10. 3 series – Hunt Test, Field Trial and Hunt Saavy.

11. Top 3 individual teams will be invited to the SRS Crown Championship.

June 5-7, 2020

Peppers Pond Mayflower, Arkansas

You will be responsible for your travel and entry fee. Prize packages will be determined for the winning.

If you cannot find a Coach let us know we will help you through this process.

For General SRS Rules –

Facebook events –

Instagram – Super Retriever Series

If interested in participating or finding a teammate or coach, please email