SRS Quarterly news letter

1st Quarter | January - April 2021

SRS Quarterly Newsletter


As many of you know, the Super Retriever Series went through a pretty extensive rule change and rewriting of the SRS Regulations over the last few months. This was done by many hours of Zoom meetings and completed to be able to present to its participants prior to the opening day events of the Super Retriever Series.

We are currently meeting monthly regarding any issues that come to our attention, we talk about suggestions submitted by the participants and our retriever community. We have started the process of legally solidifying the SRS Board of Directors and Rules, regulations, and bylaws.

Our Board of Directors is an impressive group, and I might just take a moment to brag on them. My name is Shannon Nardi, and the Super Retriever Series resides in my care. I arrange the meetings with this board listed below. I am there to type up the minutes and listen. I’m also there to interject the 20-year history and to explain why we might have put certain rules and regulations in place at that time. Otherwise, I listen and take the direction of the 8 men listed below.

Watching these men go through rule by rule, regulation by regulation, and have deep discussions, sometimes disagreements, and work it back into a better rule or regulation that’s best for the retriever game was more than impressive. They did this from three to sometimes four hours every Monday night after duck season until we had them done. This happened for six Monday nights before the first event started, with side discussions in between. Larry McMurry typed and retyped the entire rule book each week prior to discussions.

We are still currently meeting on the first Monday of every month to review the events, what are problems we know of coming up, and what we need to do to always make the game and retriever community better. I cannot express how proud I am of these men.

If you ever have the time, give these guys a hand for what they do not only for the Super Retriever Series but what they do for the retriever sport in general. They are all humble and kind and care deeply about the dogs and this retriever community.

From me…. Thank you, gentlemen, thank you.

The Super Retriever Series Board of Directors:

Larry McMurry -

GOG & SRS Amateur Participant since 2000, HRC Field Rep, GOG & SRS and
HRC Grand Judge, SRS Committee since 2018.
GRHRCH (10) UH HOF Pepper MH, GRHRCH (4) UH HOF Josie MH,

Derrick Watson -

SRS Judge since 2005, HRC Grand Judge, Grand Committee Member
SRS Committee since 2009

Matt Emerson -

SRS since 2006, SRS Retriever Organizer & Field Marshall since 2012
SRS Committee since 2010

Rody Best -

SRS Pro participant since 2006, SRS Judge, SRS Marshall
Nike Award Winner, SRS Committee since 2010
Owner of Best Retrievers

Mike Gibson -

SRS Amateur participant since 2008, SRS Committee since 2010

Stephen Durrence -

SRS Pro Participant since 2009, 3X SRS Crown Champion, SRS Judge,
SRS Marshall, 2X SRSU Champion Coach, SRS Committee since 2019,
Owner of Taylor Farms Kennels

Leo Joseph III -

SRS Legal, SRS Pro Participant since 2013, SRS Judge, SRS Field Marshal
SRS Committee since 2015, Owner of River Town Retrievers (RTR)

Tommy Harp -

SRS Amateur participant since 2014, HRC Grand & SRS Judge,
Nike Award Winner, SRS Committee since 2017
SRSACC SRSAC GRHRCH UH HOF Drake MH MNH, 2017 SRS Team of the Year


*CALLING ALL FUTURE SRS FIELD MARSHALS: In the last year 2019/2020 the SRS has added into the rules that an approved Field Marshal will attend all events, making sure that each event is run by SRS Rules and Regulations and in the spirit of the retriever game it is known for. The SRS Field Marshal is sometimes misleading as this is a position many organizations use during tests and trials. The SRS Field Marshall has many responsibilities, he/she must understand SRS rules in-depth, he/she must be able to teach a Judge the SRS Game and be able to redirect them if need be. The SRS Field Marshall assists in how to score the SRS game to handlers and judges. The SRS Field Marshall takes the lead at all SRS Classic, Club, and Crown Events.

SRS currently has 2 SRS Field Marshals that travel, and all of the SRS board members would also be approved as an SRS Field Marshall. Currently, we are looking to build and educate more that are interested. We are looking to build a strong field marshal team and if you have any interest in apprenticing and becoming an SRS Field Marshal, please contact Matt Emerson. Any of the board members can help you get started as well.

*JUDGES: Would you like to JUDGE an SRS Event? As of this year, Judges will be approved by the SRS Board to judge an event. We are always looking for HRC Style Judges, Field Style Judges, or hunting savvy dog guys to apprentice into a qualified judge. If you have interest, please contact Matt Emerson or any of the board members can help direct you as well.

* SRSU – SRSUniversity It’s our 3rd Year

What a fun this to get started in. We are going into our 3rd year at SRSU. We have changed up rules some this year to make it more accessible for students to get involved.

Our rules are listed below, and this year’s event is May 28 – 30, 2021 at the infamous Peppers Pond, in Mayflower, AR. May 28 is an evening meet and greet at the pond and 3 tests are Sat and Sunday. Please reach out to Shannon Nardi for information and to get signed up. You won’t regret it.

Super Retriever Series University Rules (SRSU) for 2021:


A Collegiate Event

1. Entry Fee – $100.00 per dog/handler
2. It is suggested all dogs have an HRCH, SH, QAA title, or above to enter. 3. Handler must be enrolled in high school, college, or tech school.

(Proof of enrollment within the calendar year of August 1, last year – August 1, current year)

4. NEW FOR 2021 – Must be your dog, family member’s dog, or a borrowed dog. 5. Individual Team = 1 hander / 1 dog

6. One handler may compete with up to 2 dogs, making these 2 separate individual teams.

7. SRS general rules and fault scoring system will apply.
8. SRSU events will consist of 3 series – Hunt Test, Field Trial, and Hunt Savvy.

(Judges are recommended to give this University flair)

9. Each individual team will play all 3 series even if they do not finish a previous test (DNF) or if DQ’d.

10. You are required to have a coach. If you do not have a coach SRS will appoint you to a coach and team.

11. Individual team placements will be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places. These 3 dog/handler teams are automatically invited to the SRS Crown Championship (minimum 4 qualifying points). All individual placement teams may earn SRS Crown qualifier points (1st through 6th). You can continue to run regular SRS Club events to earn additional qualifying points for the SRS Crown Championship. NO POINTS WILL APPLY TOWARD A UKC SRSAC TITLE. The winner will receive a UKC SRSU title.

12. Individual dog/handler team with the lowest score will be the winner and receive the UKC title of SRSU.

Coaches Rules

1. Coaches can have up to 6 individual teams on his/her overall team. Overall Team scores will be averaged to determine Team placements. Team ribbons will be awarded 1st-3rd.

Example – Olympic swimming, gymnastics. You will have an average team score as well as individual scores.

2. No more than 2 coaches per team.

3. Coaches will have a “coach’s box” designated by the judges. Coaches will remain in the box during the dog’s run but will be allowed to approach the handler while the dogs are returning to the line. Once a dog is at the line the coach should be back in his/her coaches’ box. Coaches are allowed to talk to the team and/or handler before, during, and after a test.

You are responsible for your travel and entry fee. Prize packages will be determined for the winning team.

If you cannot find a teammate let us know. We will help you through this process.

For General SRS Rules – Facebook events Instagram – Super Retriever Series

If interested in participating or finding a teammate or coach, please email