The SRS Excel Boats and Mud Buddy Competitor Giveaway!!

The SRS Excel Boats and Mud Buddy Competitor Giveaway!!

A great partnership has been developed between SRS and the Excel Boats and Mud Buddy Motors family. To top this off, SRS has been generously given an Excel Boat, a Mud Buddy Motor and a Diamond City Trailer.

What to do? … what to do? … Well, this year, 2020, we’ve decided to give this wonderful package to those that love the dog games as much as SRS and Excel Boats do. So … It’s a Giveaway! One lucky competitor that is qualified for the 2020 SRS Crown Championship in Retriever trials will take home this awesome package and listed below is the criteria to win!!

  1. You must be qualified for the 2020 Crown Championship with at least 3 points.
  2. A ticket will be issued for each point (this includes all dogs and all points).
  3. Your tickets will be issued at registration.
  4. The draw will be held the first day of the SRS Crown Championship during Series 1, in Huntsville, AL.
  5. You must be present and onsite to win.
  6. You must be willing to stay for the entire week of the SRS Crown. Yes, will be showcasing your boat this week.

Congratulations to those already qualified this year and good luck to those that are still in the qualifying season!!

Make sure you thank Excel Boats, Mud Buddy Motors and Diamond City Trailers for this great opportunity!!!

The Boat

F4 Shallow Water

The original step deck transom boat.

This shallow water F4 hull was designed to obtain optimal performance from a surface-drive motor such as a Mud Buddy. The F4’s slick bottom glides over skinny water, logs, mud and vegetation with ease and with the least bit of resistance. The tapered chine provides unparalleled turning capabilities. The F4 step-deck allows you to effortlessly climb in-and-out of the boat and serves as a vantage point for your retriever. This innovative step deck introduced by Excel’s owner over 18 years ago with the Mud Buddy MR-18 Mallard with hunt deck, started the shallow water boat step deck revolution and has set the standard for all high-end shallow water duck boats.

The Motor


This tough surface drive is a good choice for sportsmen that want high horsepower for those larger 17′-18′ boats with larger hunting and fishing loads. The 40 EFI is the fastest and most powerful 40 horse EFI on the market today.

The HDR 40 EFI features the original belt drive that revolutionized backwater travel – now with electric shift reverse. Loaded with industry-leading features extending from the tip of the handle to the precision edge of the propeller, and utilizing incredible partnerships with companies like Oury and Mercury to provide you with a motor that is tough, durable and able to get you everywhere you want to be.

The Trailor

Diamond City Aluminum Trailer

Aside from the eye-catching looks of an aluminum trailer, they are lightweight and durable. Aluminum trailers are less likely to suffer corrosion and look amazing! From saltwater to freshwater, you are in the clear with an aluminum trailer!


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